It’s a big decision!

The food children put into their bodies is the fuel that’s going to keep them going through their school day. For 45 years School Districts throughout the USA have partnered with Preferred Meals to ensure that their students are served the breakfast, lunch and snacks that will help them live up to their potential. Our responsibility to the schools and students we serve is never lost on us. Every partnership we have is based on a core set of principles:


It all begins here. Nothing else matters if we don’t get this right. At Preferred Meals we are passionate about serving nutritious, well balanced and tasty food.


When it comes to food – kids do not like the word “surprise”. Parents prefer to know what’s on the menu ahead of time as well. From our mobile menu application, to social media and student surveys Preferred Meals is always promoting who we are and what we serve.


Ask any kid if teamwork is important and you are likely to get a resounding “yes”. From the classroom to the school yard children learn early on the power of working together. This lesson is not lost on us. At Preferred Meals we work with our partner School Districts as a cohesive unit striving towards the same goal.

Operational Excellence

Every year we serve 70 million meals to more than 300 School Districts in 27 states. Ensuring that each and every morsel of food is handled within strict safety standards, is delivered on time and is environmentally packaged is a fundamental mission of every Preferred Meals employee.


It’s not about doing more with less. It’s about investing wisely. It’s about innovation and making sure that every budget dollar is delivering on the promise of a well fed student. At Preferred Meals we have made our investments to ensure that budgets are met without surprises along the way.

Food Allergies

Have students with food allergies? Not a problem, we offer meals that free of gluten and the top eight allergens.  We have meals that will work for any diet.