Food is meant to be enjoyed.  Every kid knows that.  Our goal is to make sure that whatever meal we put in front of our students isn’t just good for them but is also a great experience. Long ago we realized that the best way to ensure that we serve great tasting food is to ask our students what they like to eat.   In fact, every meal that is served by Preferred Meals has been student taste tested and ultimately “Student Approved”.


“Bring it on!” Healthy food provides our children with the energy, focus and attitude to succeed during their time at school. When healthy is Preferred
  • Every Preferred meal meets the USDA’s Healthier US School Challenge Silver level for nutritional requirements.
  • Preferred meals never contain aspartame, saccharin, bleached or bromated flour.
  • Every Preferred meal is free from certain artificial colors and flavors, MSG, brominated vegetable oil and high fructose corn syrup.
  • Milk provided by Preferred Meals is rBST hormone free
  • 100% of all grain products that we provide are whole grain
Ask your Preferred Meals representative about our allergy free options: a new worry-free meal system for accommodating students with food allergies.  Preferred Meals provides a great variety for breakfast and lunch!


Preferred Meals serves over 70 million meals a year.  School Districts and organizations throughout the country depend on us to ensure that every one of these meals are prepared and delivered with safety as an utmost priority.