At Preferred Meals we see our mission as greater than just the delivery of tasty and nutritious school food.  We are part of a community that is focused on creating a better future for our children.   This commitment is a full-time undertaking that doesn’t end when the summer begins and is not limited to the borders of any particular school district.  Through the sponsorship and direct participation of local programs Preferred Meals is able to make a difference in the communities that support our schools.

What happens when you put 700 grade school kids together for a day of soccer?  You get hours of fun and excitement mixed with one question.

“What’s for lunch?”

As Urban Initiatives launched its first tournament – to help promote health and wellness within urban communities – we were eager to support the cause.  For our part we wanted to make sure that our young soccer players would have enough energy to keep them going through their games.  To help we donated 1,200 lunch boxes stuffed with a sandwich, fresh carrots, applesauce, graham crackers and a banana.  Of course, we also wanted to make sure that the parents of these young athletes could keep up so we put together a Snack Station of Quaker Chewy Yogurt Bars, Aquafina bottled water, Cliff Bars and Lays potato chips.

Among the many goals scored during the tournament our own goal of ensuring that everyone had fun and was well fed was met with great success!