Kids eat food that tastes good, no secret there. The trick is making sure that what they eat at school not only tastes good but is good for them.

At Preferred Meals we work to ensure that every breakfast, lunch and snack is developed to achieve the nutritional goals that will provide our kids with the energy they need to succeed. But that’s the easy part.  Making sure what we serve will be hit with the kids takes a team effort. So, who better to team with then the kids themselves!

A long time ago we learned that the best way to know our meals will be devoured by happy kids is to ask the kids themselves what they think of the meals – up front.   That is way we created our VIP Taster Program.

For years the VIP Taster Program has helped refine our meals with great success.  As we embark on working with each school district a VIP taste testing session is scheduled – usually with 4th through 6th graders (our most vocal connoisseurs).  Our mission is simple – create a menu that the kids will love.

Each student is presented with a set of meals and asked to tell us what they think – how it tastes, how it smells, how it feels – even how it is packaged. What we learn helps us perfect the final product – and always reminds us that kids prefer anything they help create!